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Newsletter - Issue 2 2015 [373 Kb]

Includes:  Modernising New Zealand's tax system, Holding a parent company liable for the debts of its subsidiary, New tax bill, Health & safety reform, Summary of IRD rates, Pan tax

Newsletter - Issue 1 2015 [261 Kb]
Includes: Is it time to review your finance function?, A lesson for us all, Valuing diversity, Attribution of personal services income, International measures to prevent tax evasion & Terrible excuses for missing tax return deadlines

Newsletter - Issue 4 2014 [418 Kb]
Includes: Reduced financial reporting requirements for SMEs, Tax payments - when received in time, Women in the workforce, Easing up on easements, Business structuring, Tax residency case overturned, Drones reveal tax evasion

Newsletter - Issue 3 2014 [80 Kb]
Capital Gains Tax
2014 Budget
Motor vehicle options
Debt vs equity

Newsletter - Issue 2 2014 [69 Kb]
GST on/off food
Managing working capital
Home is where the heart is - tax residency
Working with difficult people
IT system revamp for IRD
Billions raised through UK tax cut

Newsletter - Issue 1 2014 [51 Kb]
Planning ahead
Deferring our income for tax purposes
Year end chores
New tax bill - allowances & reimbursements
Buying & selling land - the taxpayer loses
Bomb squad needed by the IRD

Newsletter - Issue 4 2013 [101 Kb]
Includes: Mixing Business with Pleasure - Deductibility of Companion's Travel Expenses, Grouping Companies for GST Purposes, Is Ignorance Bliss?, Personal Guarantees provided in Commercial Leases, Incentivising Staff, Close Company Shareholder Eligibility for In-Work Tax Credit, Tax - the Way It Was.

Newsletter - Issue 3 2013 [453 Kb]
Includes: 2013 Budget, Changes to Financial Reporting for SMEs, The IRD gets it Wrong and Sues, A Man's Salary is from Mars, A Woman's Salary is from Venus, Simplifying Taxes on Foreign Superannuation Schemes, Interest Deductions

Newsletter - Issue 2 2013 [116 Kb]
Includes: Future Tax Changes, Damage to Reputation, Tax Minimisation, Revision of Trust Law, FBT on Carparks, World Class April Fools Day Pranks

Newsletter - Issue 1 2013 [78 Kb]
Includes: New Legislation for Mixed-Use Assets, The Leadership Challenge, Tax Treatment of Employee Allowances, Tax Statistics, How do your Employees Spend Their Day?

Payroll Changes - 1 April 2013 [1.50 Mb]
Important payroll changes from 1 April 2013 - Kiwisaver contributions increase, employing primary & secondary school children, ML & ML SL tax codes no longer valid, student loan repayment rate changes

Newsletter - Issue 4 2012 [94 Kb]
Includes: Business Survey Results, Property Developer Wins GST Case, Tax Update, Managing the Millenials, Qantas Loses Battle Over GST on Missed Flights, IRS Rewards Information on Tax Evasion

Newsletter - Issue 3 2012 [85 Kb]
Includes: Budget 2012, Repairs & Maintenance: Is it Capital or Revenue?, NZICA's Thoughts for Tax Changes for Small Business, Payroll - Help Wanted, Restraint of Trade: What is Reasonable?, Working for Families, Tax Deductions

Newsletter - Issue 2 2012 [79 Kb]
Includes: Paid Parental Leave, Interest & Penalties, Economic Relations NZ/Australia, ACC & Accident Insurance, Penny & Hooper

Newsletter - Issue 1 2012 [94 Kb]
Includes: Hidden Economy - How big is it?, Post-election agreements, Fraud risk, Continuing professional development, Common GST errors, IRD's building fit-out interpretation, Holiday pay & parental leave

Newsletter - Issue 4 2011 [93 Kb]
Includes: IRD wins final round against Penny & Hooper, Test case for justifiable dismissal, GST - What is a supply?, Banking relationships, Livestock valuation elections, Eat drink & be merry, for tomorrow we pay more tax

Newsletter - Issue 3 2011 [89 Kb]
Includes: Kiwisaver changes, Labour's Capital Gains Tax, compulsory zero-rating, change in confidentiality case law, tax system statistics, rental homes for Rugby World Cup, LTC elections

Newsletter - Issue 2 2011 [81 Kb]
Includes: Working for Families changes, business development basics, PAYE vs FBT, making the most of the 90 day trial period, earthquake relief

Newsletter - Issue 1 2011 [153 Kb]
 Includes:  Market salaries, key amendments to the Employment Relations Act, GST refund delays, building depreciation update, costs of relationship breakdowns, student loan repayment evasion & gift duty.

Newsletter - Issue 4 2010 [189 Kb]
Includes: GST changes, managing debtors, employment disputes insurance, QC and LAQC changes, trustee responsibilities, provisional tax, IRD work programme

Tax Changes - 1 October 2010 [125 Kb]
Essential tax changes checklist and a summary of the GST changes coming into effect from 1 October.

Newsletter - Issue 3 2010 [151 Kb]
Includes: GST increase, IRD v Penny and Hooper, Shareholders Agreements, R&D Vouchers, Gift Duty, Building Depreciation

Newsletter - Special Issue - Budget 2010 [37 Kb]
Special issue newsletter in regards to the Budget announced on 20 May 2010. Includes: Personal Tax Cuts, Working for Families Changes, Loss Attributing Qualifying Companies (LAQCs) and Qualifying Companies (QCs), Company Tax Rate Change, Depreciation & GST

Newsletter - Issue 2 2010 [61 Kb]
Includes: Paying Income Tax from Trading, GST Increase - Be Prepared, Cash Flow Forecasts & Budgets, Making Change Stick, IRD Recording Interviews, Kiwisaver & Business Transfers

Newsletter - Issue 1 2010 [61 Kb]
Includes: Income splitting, year end processing, LAQCs, associated persons rules, business relocation costs

Newsletter - Issue 4 2009 [76 Kb]
Includes: Bonuses, Mileage Rates, Legal Expenditure, Tax Working Group, FBT on Car Parks, Tax Pooling Changes

Newsletter - Issue 3 2009 [68 Kb]
Includes: Remuneration reviews, IRD compliance focus for 2009/10, Income protection insurance, Fines & penalties, Mortgages and residential properties in Australia

Newsletter - Issue 2 2009 [69 Kb]
Includes: Preparing your business for sale, GST refunds, renting out holiday homes

Newsletter - Issue 1 2009 [64 Kb]
Includes: 90 day trial period, help after redundancy, reimbursements and honoraria paid to volunteers, associated persons bill

Newsletter - Issue 4 2008 [65 Kb]
Includes: Remaining Robust in Times of Uncertainty, Charities - the Ongoing Saga, Managing Staffing Levels, Structuring for a New Investor, Family Tax Credit Increase, FBT Interest Rate for Low-Interest Loans, New Secondary Tax Rate

Newsletter - Issue 3 2008 [65 Kb]
Includes: Improvements for small & medium sized enterprises, The IRD - Umpiring its own game? Income splitting, Associated persons update, Personal tax rate change, Recognition of trans-tasman dividend credit

Newsletter - Issue 2 2008 [65 Kb]
Includes: Donations & Rebates, Changes to Partnerships, Family Assistance, Recruitment

Newsletter - Issue 1 2008 [577 Kb]
Includes: Important note on GST & Provisional tax alignment, Withholding payment regulations, induction programmes, tax changes for small to medium sized businesses, student loan repayment threshold changes